Committees play an important role in any organization and provide guidance to ensure the mission and vision is met through developing policies and procedures. NIC has established committees as required through the by-laws, and we encourage members who are interested to sign up at the annual conferences. The current committee list appointed by the President is listed on this page.

AACS Liaison Machele Callicoat OK Chair
AACS Liaison Debra Thompson ID
AACS Liaison Tami Stokes SD
Bylaws Darla Northway MO Chair
Bylaws Cynthia Briggs DC
Bylaws Nicole McClendon DC
Bylaws Sharon Young DC
Bylaws Tami Stokes SD
Bylaws Rosanne Kinley SC
Bylaws Jewel Stewart MI
Conference Site Jenneth Quiambao GU Chair
Conference Site Lyra Faltys NE
Conference Site LaQuita Horton SC
Conference Site Richard DeCarlo DC
Conference Site Marti Frasier UT
Conference Site Tami Stokes SD
Conference Site LaFaye Austin OK
Education Julie Campbell KY Chair
Education LaQuita Horton SC
Education Maureen Wanner ND
Education Jeff Sells OK
Education Marti Frasier UT
Education Tenalee Tangen ND
Education Nicole McClendon DC
Executive Directors Allegra Earl ID Acting Chair/VP
Executive Directors Open Position Secretary
Executive Directors Julie Campbell KY EB Sr.
Health and Safety Cynthia Briggs DC Chair
Health and Safety Paula Evans MT
Health and Safety Tenalee Tangen ND
Health and Safety Maureen Wanner ND
Health and Safety Lyra Faltys NE
Honorary Membership LaFaye Austin OK Chair
Honorary Membership Angie Printz MT
Honorary Membership Richard DeCarlo DC
Honorary Membership Marie Nordboe NE
Honorary Membership Lyra Faltys NE
Legislative Merrilyn Cleland ID Chair
Legislative Leisa McElreath MS
Legislative Dorothy Ennis MS
Legislative Tami Stokes ND
NACCAS Liaison Sharon Young DC Chair
NACCAS Liaison Marcy Tiong GU
NACCAS Liaison Marti Frasier UT
NACCAS Liaison Jenneth Quiambao GU
NACCAS Liaison Tami Stokes SD
Nat’l Endorsement Tami Stokes ND Chair
Nat’l Endorsement Marcy Tiong GU
Nat’l Endorsement Christy Mather OK
Nat’l Endorsement Julie Campbell KY
Nat’l Endorsement Jenneth Quiambao GU
Procedures Leisa McElreath MS Chair
Procedures Cynthia Briggs DC
Procedures Tami Stokes SD
Policies Leisa McElreath MS Chair
Policies Dorothy Ennis MS
PBA Liaison Christy Mather OK Chair
PBA Liaison Merrilyn Cleland ID
PBA Liaison Tami Stokes SD
Textbook Angie Printz MT Chair
Textbook Vicky McNally WI
Textbook Lauren Hansen MT
Textbook Machele Callicoat OK
Textbook Sharon Young DC
AJG Scholarship Sharon Young DC National Chair
AJG Scholarship LaQuita Horton R1 SC-Reg 1 Chair
AJG Scholarship Richard DeCarlo Ri
AJG Scholarship Melanie Thompson R1
AJG Scholarship Jewel Stewart R2 MS-Reg 2 Chair
AJG Scholarship Wayne Kindle R2
AJG Scholarship Tami Stokes SD SD-Reg 3 Chair
AJG Scholarship Lauren Hansen R3
AJG Scholarship Angie Printz R3
AJG Scholarship Marcy Tiong R4 GU-Reg 4 Chair
AJG Scholarship Jenneth Quiambao R4
AJG Scholarship Marti Frasier R4