Veterans and Families of Military Service Members

NIC recognizes that transitioning service members and spouses of service members, due to frequent moves, often face unique barriers to entry into licensed occupations. These licensing barriers may be unrelated to their ability to safely and competently provide services to the public.

NIC offers the national examination to provide and support opportunities for veterans and families of military service members to promote portability.

The Department of Labor has identified three strategies for states to address barriers to veterans’ licensing and certification:
  • recognize equivalent military training and experience;
  • provide accelerated training opportunities to fill gaps in military training and experience;
  • streamline administrative requirements and processes
The United States Veterans Affairs website offers programs to provide assistance to veterans. Listed below is one of the many opportunities provided through the US Veterans Affairs:

Assist a Veteran by Getting Your Test Approved

Help serve our nation's Veterans by getting your licensing or certification test officially approved, which lets Veterans and other beneficiaries receive reimbursement for test-taking costs. If you represent a state or local licensing board, the approval requirements are minimal. If you represent a nongovernmental organization, your test must be generally accepted within the industry, must have existed for at least two years, and must meet other requirements. VA sends test-taking payments directly to VA beneficiaries and not to your organization.

Seek approval for your organizations tests through the State Approving Agency for the state where your headquarters are located.

Visit the United States Veterans Affairs website to learn about benefits for veterans at: