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At NIC, enhancing safety and high standards of competency within cosmetology and related fields is our goal. Offering standardized national examinations is one way we can accomplish this. Approved members will have access to NIC programs and services that will promote and support uniformity of the practices of cosmetology and related fields through testing, collaboration and the national data repository. Apply for a Gold, Silver or Industry Partner today!

At NIC, enhancing safety and high standards of competency within cosmetology and related fields is our goal. Offering standardized national examinations is one way we can accomplish this. NIC offers exams and exam prep tools for all cosmetology related disciplines. So preparing for and finding the appropriate exam is fast and efficient.

+CERTEMY - The Truth Behind License Portability. One beauty professional tells her story so others may benefit.

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NIC has been working diligently to become the primary source verifier for all states that license the professions of cosmetology, barbering, nail technology, esthetics, and electrology. In partnership with Certemy, NIC has developed a database which will assist state licensing boards in their efforts to efficiently identify applicants, the licenses they hold in various states and the exam they completed. It’s exciting to see this level of support for professions that have multiple licensing standards across the country because it will expedite licensure while reducing fraud and identity theft.

Venus Vendoures Walsh, MPA,CPM, Board Executive, Division of Licensing, Iowa Department of Inspections, Appeals, & Licensing

I am proud of the longstanding relationship between Milady and the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology. NIC’s focus on professionalizing the organization and collaborating across all states to share best practices strengthens the beauty industry and helps us all push the industry forward.

Sandra Bruce, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Milady

As a recently appointed Executive Director as of November 2022, one of the first items as part of our agenda, was to get involved in the national organizations that provide forums for the cosmetology industry, schools, and the regulatory agencies to discuss and collaborate toward common goals of protecting the health and safety of the public, and educating the industry on regulatory requirements and best safety practices.  The National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology (NIC) met this standard.  I sincerely appreciate this organization coordinating the forum to exchange vital information important to all stakeholders in our ultimate roles and teamwork in protecting the public.

Steven D. McDonald, Esq., MBA, Executive Director, Nevada State Board of Cosmetology

As a new Executive Director in 2021 it was my understanding that NIC was simply our national exam resource.   My only expectation was to work with our testing provider ensuring we were using the national exam to test all of our potential licensees in Missouri.   Since I became involved with NIC in 2022 I have learned that this organization has become so much more.  The work of the organization to make available national data through the National Data Bank is something that we are very excited about in Missouri.   It is a great tool we are using for applicants wanting to move to Missouri and apply for licensure through reciprocity.  As more states participate in this service it will be even more beneficial.  We anticipate being able to share Missouri information in that data bank in the near future.  I appreciate so much the work of this organization and appreciate that it is a trusted resource for data.   The work that is done to promote collaboration in the industry is to be commended.   Thank you for supporting our states and in particular my appreciation for the support that has been afforded to the state of Missouri and me personally as a new Executive Director.

Karla Johansen, Executive Director, Missouri Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners, Division of Professional Registration

NIC seeks to unite every state in the “United States” around the need for standardized testing requirements and consistent legal guidelines in the practice of cosmetology and associated fields. NIC provides access to information about how other states are addressing these issues; and we offer a forum for the exchange of ideas between states.

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