Promote and support uniformity of the practices of Cosmetology and Related fields for our Members and National Partners through Testing, Collaboration and a National Data Repository.


  • Provide a national forum to promote standards for consumer health and safety, and education for individuals entering the workforce. 
  • Promote and encourage reciprocity and standardization for the practice of cosmetology and related fields to increase workers mobility nationally and internationally 
  • Encourage consistency to provide opportunities for military service members and veterans to enter the workforce. 
  • Support and promote opportunities for the diverse populations entering the professions related to cosmetology, barbering, manicuring and esthetics. 
  • Encourage our partners to broaden education standards to reduce recidivism by providing opportunities for individuals interested in working in cosmetology related vocations. 
  • Provide national Written, Practical and Written Practical examinations for entrance into the profession of cosmetology and related fields that are standardized, valid and legally defensible using psychometric principles.  
NIC is also focused on supporting our partners (members and non-members) on the topics of education and consumer health and safety in the cosmetology, barbering, manicuring and esthetics professions.   We host regional and annual national conferences to encourage networking among states and other jurisdictions. NIC embraces the opportunity to work with our partners, and our representatives are willing to attend board meetings, association meetings, and legislative hearings upon request to share national standards regarding education and consumer health and safety. We use our national forum to continue to share information and encourage best practices among states and other jurisdictions.