Aurie Elizabeth Jackson Gosnell left a “Legacy” by her many contributions to the cosmetology industry. Aurie’s devotion, her foresight, her vision and her dedication enabled her to create the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology and the National Exam. Aurie has made significant contributions to cosmetology relations, education and the NIC Testing Program.


Aurie was a teacher, mentor, coordinator, test writer, representative and a great leader. Although she valued the past accomplishments made by NIC, she continued to keep her vision on the future, especially related to regulations and standards


Aurie’s advice was always “it is the right thing to do.” Aurie was totally committed to NIC and she listened with patience when mentoring State Boards and always led by example. Aurie’s high standards of professionalism and her performances will not be forgotten. Her wise counsel, advice and guidance helped build NIC to what it is today.


Aurie was truly a great supporter and advisor not only to NIC, but all the other related cosmetology organizations and states. The entire beauty industry has benefited because of a lady, “Aurie J. Gosnell” who passed this way.