Pivot Point Fundamentals: Barbering is part of a comprehensive education library designed to help you pass the licensure exam and become an industry-ready, professional barber. The curricula focuses on transforming information into learning that deepens meaning and relevance for you to use in your professional life.

The unique Tapered Cuts and Fades and Shaving and Beard Design areas of study go beyond standard procedures. They focus on advanced, modern blending and design techniques to help you remain competitive in today’s industry by expanding the level of services you can perform post graduation.

You’ll explore 13 areas of study, containing 100 theory lessons and 60 workshops.

101 Life Skills
102 Science
103 Business
104 Client-Centered Design
105 Foundational Cuts
106 Tapered Cuts & Fades
107 Style
108 Shaving & Beard Design
109 Hair Replacement
110 Color
111 Perm & Relax
112 Skin
113 Nails